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Speed = how fast an object is moving.
Distance-time graphs represent the speed of an object.
Velocity = the speed and direction of an object.
Speed (m/s) = Distance travelled (m)
Time taken (s)

The acceleration or deceleration of an object is the rate at which its velocity…

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Momentum = a measure of the state of motion of an object. It depends on the mass and velocity of the object.
Momentum has both magnitude and direction.
In a collision or explosion, momentum is conserved providing no external forces act.

Static Electricity:
Static electricity is created when two insulating…

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Atomic number = number of protons. Mass number = number of protons and neutrons.

Background radiation is not harmful.
Ions are charged particles caused by electrons being knocked out of atoms.
Alpha and beta radiation is ionising radiation.

Nuclear Fission and Fusion:
Nuclear fusion = joining of atomic nuclei.…


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