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P1a Revision You're in charge
Quick basic ks3 knowledge on Some standard symbols are used to represent a

An ammeter measures the current.
The voltmeter measure the potential difference.
The cell provided energy to the flow of electrons.
A collection of cells is a battery
A diode allows current…

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Voltage is measured across a lamp; the more cells the bigger the voltage.

In a series circuit you'll get the same reading of current, the more cells the
more current.

Producing Electricity
There are two types of current Ac and Dc. Direct and alternating current.
Direct current flows in one…

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Increasing induced current
Move the magnet faster
Increase the turns of coil -
Use a stronger magnet -
Increase the area of the coil

Generators induce current by spinning a coil of wire inside a magnetic field or
a magnet inside a coil of wire. As this happens the potential…

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More lamps in a series circuit the more resistance this means less current
will flow. A Variable resistor are used in dimmer switches or to adjust
volume of a cd player.

Ohms law : Current flowing through a resistors
is directly proportional to the voltage across the resistor.
But a…

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Remember: The resistance of a resistor increases when the temperature is
Resistance of a Thermistor stays the same when the light level is increased

Advances in Electrical devices
Ability for battery to supply energy is called capacity, this is measured in amp

Non rechargeable batteries(Dry cells) output gradually…

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You're in charge
Fossil Fuels for power stations

The three main fossil fuels are, coal, oil ,natural gas , these were formed from
the remains of living organism millions of years ago.

The wind is produced by giant convection currents in the driven by the heat
energy from the sun…

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Water energy; water energy has wave machines that use kinetic energy to drive generators

Tidal Barrage ­ A barrier built over the river estuary .The barrage contains electric generators which
are driven by the waters rushing through the tubes in a barrage. This uses moving kenetic energy.
Hydroelectric power (HEP)-…

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Disadvantage: Expensive and inefficient, only produce hot water in sunny
climates but cooler areas may need a boiler. Cannot produce warm water at
Mains electricity

Water is turned into steam in the boilers
The steam drives the turbines
The turbines spin the generators, which produce the electricity
The electricity…

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In the diagram you can remember this as, blue goes left, brown goes right and
striped goes to the top.

Fuses break if an appliance uses too much current, if the current going
through the fuse is too great the wire heats up and melts then breaks the circuit. Fuses…

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The cost of electricity
An electric motor can be built by using a coil of wire that is used to rotate two
opposite magnetic poles
. Direction of the current is reversed every half turn otherwise it will come to an halt.
This is done using a split ring or…


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