AQA Physics 3 revision notes

Some notes i made for my self on some on the Physics 3 topics i was weaker on, i think ive got most things covered, but, if you can tell me in a couple of weeks if not then thanks...


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Moment of force = force x perp. Distance from pivot
m = m
Centrepetal force acts towards the centre of the orbit
Centrepetal accel. = v²/r
Force = mv²/r
Geostationary Satellites, good for tv/radio/phones because they
stay in the same place over the earth, 24h orbit, HIGH!!

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Human hearing = 20Hz to 20,000Hz
Echos!!!.... Speed = distance/time REMEMBER TO DIVIDE BY 2
(there and back)
V(wave speed) = F(frequency) x (wave length)
Sound is fastest in a solid
Step up transformer has more coils on the second side

Life cycle of a Star.....
Clouds of…


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