Physics 3 Moments and Motion

Revision notes on:

  • Moments
  • balance and stability
  • circular motion
  • Gravitational attraction

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Moments and motion
A moment is the turning effect of a force
Even if forces are balanced and do not cause an object to change speed, the object can still
Right angles get the biggest moment.
If the object is not moving, the anticlockwise and clockwise moments are balanced.
To increase the moment:
o Increase the distance from the force to the pivot point
o Increase the amount of force applied.
To work out a moment:
Balance and Stability
If moments don't equal there will be a resultant movement
Stable objects = wide base and low centre of mass
An object will begin to tip over if its centre of mass moves beyond the edge of its base.
Circular motion
The force that acts in a circle is centripetal force
If an object is moving in a circle:
o It is changing direction
o It is accelerating
o Must be a force on it
o Force acts towards the centre of the circle
If a body moves in a circle there must be a constantly
unbalanced force acting upon it.

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Moments and motion
Gravitational attraction
The orbit of a planet around the sun is an ellipse
The bigger the masses of the bodies the bigger the force of gravity acting between them
Gravitational force provides the centripetal force
Artificial satellites were sent up by humans:
Geostationary orbit Low polar orbit
communications Weather and spying
High orbits Over both poles
Over the equator Few hours per orbit
24 hours per orbit Whole surface monitored each day
Signal transfer…read more


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