Physics 2 (P2) - Carbon Dating

P2 Carbon Dating, using Turin Shroud as an example.

Higher/Foundation tier, EDEXCEL specification

My apologies for anything that is a tad patchy, I made this resource in year 10, Message me for any details not covered.  

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Turin Shroud…read more

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What is it?
· The Turin Shroud is a cloth that is believed by
many to have been wrapped around Jesus.
· It bears the image of a man in physical pain,
similar to the pain displayed by many victims
of crucifixion ­ a more believable story to
what it was before.…read more

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How old?!
· The Turin shroud should date to around the
time that Jesus lived (around 2000-ish years
ago) ­ Assuming it was made not long before
this time, because the Carbon isotope carbon-
14 would of started decaying in the material
as soon as the plant was.…read more

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Carbon Dating
· Carbon dating as a method of measuring the
age of something once living, for example
As soon as something dies, the carbon atoms
(carbon-12) within it begin to decay into
radioactive and unstable isotopes of carbon ­
Every 5600 years, the quantity of the isotope
would be half the amount it was before,
therefore giving an estimate to how old it is.…read more

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· St John, once wrote about the cloths that covered
Jesus's body and his head, and appeared to link
the two together, as the shroud shows the face of
a withered man in blatant physical pain.
· From this, it has been a controversial issue that
came down to belief ­ as there was no proof of its
purpose or use.
· The Carbon Dating of the shroud allowed
scientists to actually see the age of the cloth ­ and
see if it firstly was from that era, and begin to
piece together the likeliness of its cover story.…read more

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The Results
· After the shroud had been carbon dated, it
showed that the cloth had actually been from
around the mediaeval era (11th/12th Century
at the earliest) ­ around a thousand years
after Jesus's death.
· This proved that the cloth could not of
possibly been used to cover Jesus, and further
proved St. John and the story wrong.…read more


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