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Radiation and the Universe
(AQA)…read more

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Electromagnetic Radiation
E-M radiation is basically a movement of energy in the form of
a wave. Some examples:…read more

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The Electromagnetic Spectrum
Each type of radiation shown in the electromagnetic spectrum has a
different wavelength and a different frequency:
High frequency, Low frequency, _____
_____ wavelength (high) wavelength
Gamma rays X-rays Ultra violet Visible light Infra red Microwaves Radio/TV
Each of these types travels at the same speed through a _______
(300,000,000m/s), and different wavelengths are absorbed by different
surfaces (e.g. infra red is absorbed very well by ___________ surfaces).
This absorption may heat the material up (like infra red and _______) or
cause an alternating current (like in a __ _______).
Words ­ black, microwaves, long, short, TV aerial, vacuum…read more

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The Electromagnetic Spectrum
Type of radiation Uses Dangers
Gamma rays Treating cancer, Cell mutation
X rays Medical Cell mutation
Ultra violet Sun beds Skin cancer
Visible light Seeing things None (unless you
look at the sun)
Infra red Remote controls, Sunburn
heat transfer
Microwaves Satellites, phones Very few
TV/radio Communications Very few…read more

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Transmitting information
Although E-M radiation travels in straight lines, we can send infra-red and
light signals around a curved path using an optical fibre:
Optical fibres have two main advantages: they can send more information
compared to electrical cables of the same diameter and with less signal
Microwaves are used by satellites
because they can pass through the
Earth's atmosphere:
Microwaves are also used in
mobile phone networks.…read more

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The Wave Equation
All E-M waves obey the Wave Equation:
Wave speed (v) = frequency (f) x wavelength ()
in m/s in Hz in m
f…read more

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