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Physics 1b
Electricity and Waves…read more

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Renewable Energy
· Renewable energy resources include:
-wind -biofuels
-waves -food
-tides -geothermal
-hydroelectric -solar
· They will never run out
· Less damage to the environment than non-renewable sources
· However, they do not provide much energy and some are unreliable
because it depends on the weather…read more

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Wind Power
· Involves putting lots of wind turbines in exposed places like on moors or
round coasts
· Each wind turbine has its own generator inside so electricity is directly
generated from the wind turning the blades
· There is no pollution (except for when they're manufactured)
· They spoil views/ scenery
· They can be very noisy
· When the wind stops, no power can be generated and the supply cannot
be increased because we cannot purposely increase the wind
· No fuel costs and minimal running costs (but initial costs are quite high)
· No permanent damage to the landscape…read more

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Solar Cells
· They generate electricity currents directly from sunlight
· The best source of energy for calculators and watches
· Often used in remote places and to power electric road signs and satellites
· No pollution (other than when they're manufactured)
· In sunny places they're very reliable but only during the day
· It can still be cost-effective even in cloudy countries
· The energy costs are free and running costs low (initial costs are high)
· Usually used to generate electricity on a small scale
· It is often not practical/ too expensive to connect them to the National
Grid…read more

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Hydroelectric Power
· Usually requires the flooding of a valley by building a big dam
· Rainwater is caught and allowed out through turbines
· There is no pollution
· It can provide an immediate response to an increased demand for
· No problems with reliability (except in times of drought)
· No fuel and minimal running costs (initial costs are high)
· Useful to generate electricity on a small scale in remote areas
· Big impact on environment rotting vegetation releases methane and
C02, loss of habitat for some species, looks unsightly when they dry up…read more

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Pumped Storage Gives Extra Supply
· `Spare' night time electricity is used to pump water up to a high
· ^This can be released quickly during periods of peak demand such as
tea time to supplement the steady delivery from big power stations
· It uses the same idea of hydroelectric power, but it DOESN'T
generate power, it simply stores energy which has already been
generated…read more

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