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Physics 1a ­ Energy and energy resources
Heat Transfer
Thermal Radiation
Thermal radiation is the transfer of heat by infrared waves, which are part of the
electromagnetic spectrum.
All bodies emit and absorb thermal radiation.
The hotter a body is the more energy it radiates. Heat radiation passes through a…

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Thermal (heat) energy of an object is energy due to its temperature. This is partly because
of the random kinetic energy of the particles of the object.

Conservation of energy
Scientists have done lots of tests to find out if the total energy after change is the same as

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Electrical energy is energy transfer due to an electric current
Uses of electrical devices include heating, lighting, making objects move and creating
sound and visual images.

Electrical power
The more powerful a device, the faster the rate at which it transforms energy.
We measure power of a device in watts…

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1. Water is turned into steam in the boilers
2. The steam drives the turbines
3. The turbines spin the generators, which produce the electricity
4. The electricity goes to the transformers to produce the correct voltage

Generating Electricity
Fuel for electricity
In a coal or oilfired power station, the…

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A solar heating panel heats water that flow through it.
Geothermal energy comes from energy released by radioactive substances deep within
the earth

The energy released by these radioactive substances heats
the surrounding rock, as a result, the heat is transferred
towards the Earth's surface


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