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Thermal Energy Transfer
How is heat (thermal energy) transferred and what factors affect the rate at which heat is
Candidates should use their skills, knowledge and understanding of how science works:
· To evaluate ways in which heat is transferred in and out of bodies and ways in which…

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Generating Electricity
"Various energy sources can be used to generate the electricity we need. We must
carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of using each source before
deciding which energy source(s) it would be best to use in any particular situation."

Uses and Hazards of EM Waves
What are…

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Infra red and visible light can be used to send signals along optical fibres and so
travel in curved paths.
Communication signals may be analogue (continuously varying) or digital (discrete
values only, generally on and off). Digital signals are less prone to interference than
analogue and can be easily processed…

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distant galaxies must be rapidly moving away from us. The Red shift of light from
distant stars is evidence that the Universe is expanding and moving apart.
Cosmic Background Radiation.
This shows that the temperature has cooled from the time of the Big Bang to reach a
stable temperature today.…


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