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Physical Development
Throughout life
By Arinola Akande…read more

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Infancy (0-2 years)
New born babies have primitive reflexes
Gross motor skills are developed
e.g. crawling into walking
Rapid growth in height and weight
Skull and muscles/bones in the neck develop
Can not hold themselves if they need to
release waste products…read more

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Childhood (3-8)
Growth in height and height not as rapid ad
Fine motor skills progress e.g. drawing. At the
age of about 6/7 tying shoelaces or buttoning
shirts become easier
6+ co-ordination increase so interest in sports
Complete bowel control…read more

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Adolescence (9-18)
Breasts grow (f)
Hips widen (f)
Period starts (f)
Testicles drop (m)
Voice breaks (m)
Body hair grows
Growth spurt and weight increase…read more

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Early Adulthood 18-45
Beginning of life stage fertility is high. Begins
to decrease near the end
Hair begins to thin and grey
Fine focus of the eye decreases…read more

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Middle adulthood (46-65)
Menopause (f)
Further loss in hair
Long sightedness reduces
Skin elasticity reduces (wrinkles occur)
Possible joint injuries
Hearing may become impaired…read more

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