Physics Equations

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I put all the GCSE Physics equations which can be rearranged to get the other equations onto a Word Document.

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Physics Equations:
Speed (m/s) = Distance (m) / Time (s)
Acceleration (m/s2) = Change in Velocity (m/s) / Time Taken (s)
Weight (N) = Mass (kg) x Gravitational Field Strength (N/kg)
Stopping Distance = Braking Distance + Thinking Distance.
Work Done (J) = Force (N) x Distance (m)
Momentum (kg m/s) = mass (kg) x velocity (m/s)
Kinetic Energy (J) = ½ x Mass (kg) x Speed2
Force (N) = change in momentum / time taken for change (s).
Power (Watts W) = Energy Transformed (Joules) / Time (seconds).
Power (w) = current (amperes amps, A) x potential different
Charge (Coulomb C) = current (Amps) x time (s)
Energy transferred (J) = potential difference (V) x charge (C)
Resultant Force (N) = Mass (kg) x Acceleration (m/s2)
Potential Difference (V) = Current (A) x Resistance ()


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