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Energy Transfer: Size of Object
Click start to investigate how the size of a body affects the rate at
which it transfers heat energy to its surroundings.…read more

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How Conduction Works
As the temperature of a solid is increased, the particles vibrate
more, so they gain more kinetic energy.
Use this animation to study what happens to the kinetic energy of the
particles along the bar, as it is heated from one end...
The increase in kinetic energy is passed onto adjacent particles
through collision, causing them to vibrate more.
In this way, heat is passed from one end of the solid to the other.…read more

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Conduction in Metals
Metal atoms exist as positively charged metal ions in a regular
lattice structure. The ions are surrounded by negatively charged
Some of the electrons are effectively free, and are able to move
within the metal. When these electrons collide with other electrons
in colder regions, they transfer their kinetic energy, which heats up
the colder regions.…read more

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Conduction Experiment: Four Rods
A student believes that under similar conditions, different
materials transfer heat at different rates.
To test her theory, she heated four rods of the same size, all with
drawing pins attached by wax.…read more

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Convection - Smoke Chamber
Predict what will happen when a piece of smoking paper is dropped
into the smoke chamber.
Start the experiment to see what happens to the smoke...…read more

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Absorption Experiment
Click to start the experiments which investigate how the colour and
texture of a surface affect the absorption of infra red radiation...…read more

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