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An idiots guide to A2
Lottie: May `13…read more

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Going into an A2 bio exam and not
knowing about photosynthesis is a bit
like this really...…read more

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So what do we need to know?
The spec tells us we should know the following:
1. Chloroplasts; their structure and function.
2. General reaction of photosynthesis.
3. Light-dependent reaction.
4. Photophosphorylation of ADP.
5. Carbon fixation.…read more

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· Chloroplasts are large
· Most chloroplasts are
found in the mesophyll
(the cells of leaves.
· The stages of
photosynthesis take place
within the chloroplast,
i. Light dependent within
the granum
ii. Light independent (or
Calvin cycle) within the
stroma.…read more

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Structure vs. function
Chloroplast Thylakoids Lots of ATP Stroma
double have large SA. synthase in contains
envelope. · Allows max light thylakoid enzymes,
· Keeps reactants absorption membranes. sugars and
close to their · Hence lots of ATP organic acids.
reactant sites. can be generated. · This allows the
light independent
phase to take
place there!…read more

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Key word attack
the soft chlorophyll-containing tissue of a leaf
between the upper and lower layers of
epidermis: involved in photosynthesis.
Also called parenchyma tissue.
There are 2 types, spongy and pallisade.…read more

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