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There is a little more to it than just
Carbon dioxide, water and a dash of
sunlight…read more

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Light dependent stage Light independent stage
Calvin Cycle
Light energy H20
Formation of glucose…read more

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Where does it actually happen?
(part of
This is the site of
the light
dependent stage
This is the location of the
light independent stage…read more

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Light Dependent Stage
· In this stage, energy is transferred from light
into ATP and reduced NADP.
· Occurs on the Thylakoid membrane
· In order to understand this ­ need to understand
how chlorophyll molecules (and other
pigments) are arranged and their association
with the thylakoid membranes.…read more

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Chlorophyll ­ A little more detail
· Chlorophyll is arranged into PHOTOSYSTEMS on the
thylakoid membrane. There are two types which work
together in the reaction ­ Photosystem II (PSII) and then
PSI. PSII comes before PSI as they were named in order of
· A photosystem consists of a cluster of a few hundred
chlorophyll a, b and carotenoid molecules
molecules (or
accessory pigments) Photosystem…read more

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Photosystems (II and I)...
· The number and variety of pigment molecules
enable a photosystem to harvest light over a
larger spectrum than any single molecule
· These pigments work as a team with a key
chlorophyll molecule = "Reaction centre
molecule" (based on position ­ it is not
special in any other way ­ like a quarter back
in American Football)…read more

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