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Answers to summary questions
1 a) A­3; B­1; C­4; D­2.
b) Variegated.
c) i) To enable the colour of iodine reacting with any starch to be clearly
ii) By boiling in ethanol.
2 a) To make amino acids/proteins.
b) With water from the soil.

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B2 2

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How plants produce food
1 a) Types of species (1 mark)
b) Light intensity (1 mark)
c) Rapid increase in rate of photosynthesis (1 mark)
up to a light intensity of 20 kilolux (1 mark)
slower decrease in rate (up to 50 kilolux) (1 mark)

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2 a) E air space
F stoma/stomata
G guard cell (1 mark each)
b) i) C ­ prevents water loss/reduces transpiration (1 mark)
ii) G ­ controls the movement of gases into and out of the
leaf/opens and closes the stomata to allow gases in and…

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B2 2

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1. (a) 666 1
all required
accept a '6n 6 n n 6n' version of the balanced equation
provided it is correct in every detail
(b) any two of 2
· (presence of) chlorophyll or (amount of) chloroplasts
accept green leaves (or other green parts)

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B2 2

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each for 1 mark

3. (a) carbon dioxide/CO2 1
(b) through the roots/root hairs 1
do not accept leaves
(c) oxygen 1
sugar/glucose/other named 1
(d) award one mark for each mark point
n.b. accept chloroplast for chlorophyll
n.b. credit the candidate who answers…

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B2 2

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(b) leaf (or named part of leaf) 1
accept anywhere green
do not credit chlorophyll unless qualified
(c) water through the roots 1
root hairs
by osmosis
do not credit where the candidate is unclear about which is
CO2 through the…

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B2 2

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increased temperature (up to a point)
increased light intensity
do not accept heat or warmth
altered light quality by less green or
increasing other colours

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B2 2

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(c) any four points 4
· palisade (mesophyll)
· lots of chloroplasts or chlorophyll
or main site for photosynthesis
or absorb maximum amount of light
· guard cells
· CO2 in or O2 out or water vapour
· controls size of stoma or pores in…

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B2 2

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(ii) any one from: 1
flat surface
large surface area
air spaces
do not accept chlorophyll

7. (a) any two from: max 2
stored as fructose
do not accept "stored" by itself
stored as sucrose
stored as starch
stored as oil…

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B2 2

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do not accept help them grow
accept named protein or DNA or
(iii) older leaves yellow 1
(iv) any two from max 2
type or variety or starting weight or
size of seedlings
do not accept heat
time of growth
do not accept…


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