Phoneslides - a template for you to use to make your own for mobile phones or smartphones

Phoneslides are revision resources which you create in Microsoft Powerpoint.

But you can view them on any mobile phone which can display JPEG images/photographs or Smartphones which can handle PDF files (if you install a free PDF file reader from your phone's online store)

Download the presentation, save it and then load into Microsoft Powerpoint.  Follow the instructions on the slides.

(Originally written for A level Physics - but can be adapted to most subjects and levels)

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This Template
This Powerpoint file can be
used EITHER to create a
folder of 600 x 1000 pixel
jpeg images for viewing on
a camera phone OR a
single pdf document to
view on a smartphone.
(You may find that 600 x 800
works better on a camera
phone. If so, go to Page
Setup and reduce the Height
to 21.17cm)…read more

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Getting started
Before you try anything
else, follow the
Export2Phone instructions
at the end of this
presentation to get all of
these test slides onto your
phone.…read more

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Slide Formatting
You can adjust the format
of every slide via the Slide
Master (see the View
ribbon in Powerpoint 2010
or the Help menu in earlier
The large header and
footer areas are designed
to avoid any mobile phone
icons and menus.…read more

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Text sizing
Use trial and error to make
sure that the final
information is legible. As
a rough guide try not to go
smaller than 28 point size
for the main body text...…read more

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Text sizing
Point size Verdana
40 AaBbCcDd
36 AaBbCcDd
32 AaBbCcDd
28 AaBbCcDd
24 AaBbCcDd…read more

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For diagrams
Line thick. Example
¼ pt
¾ pt
1½ pt
3 pt
6 pt…read more

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Preview of page 7

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Preview of page 8

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Preview of page 9

Slide 10

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Preview of page 10


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