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Outline and evaluate 2 explanations of phobic disorders (24)

One way of explaining phobic disorders is through the physiology of a phobic individual this
includes their genetics, biochemistry and evolutionary adaptations. This approach suggests that behaviour
has a biological basis. Genes predispose certain individuals to display fear responses when they…

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feared i.e. snakes or falling from a great height. Cook and Mineka (1989) found that it was easier to condition
monkeys to fear snakes in contrast to teddy bears. Garcia and Koelling (1966) found that they could
condition rats to fear thing present in the evolutionary era of adaptation but…

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The behavioural approach suggests that phobias arise because of classical conditioning, where
people associate neutral stimuli with a traumatic experience. Research has shown that a boy developed a
phobia of vomiting after watching his grandfather dying after vomiting. They found that the boy even
contemplated suicide when he felt nauseous.…

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reacted differently if he had been in an environment he was more comfortable in and recognised in contrast
to the lab setting.

The sample size of participants consisted of only one 11 month old child, this reduces the
generalizability of the results obtained from little Albert because the sample size…




a great essay, very detail and lots of studies 

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