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Modern Virtue Ethics…read more

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`act ethics'
`agent ethics'…read more

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What act based ethics misses
What sort of person I should be
How we should live
The virtues themselves
Motives and moral character
Moral education
Moral wisdom
Friendship and family relationships,
The role of the emotions in our moral life…read more

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Greek roots: THREE CORE
Arête (excellence/virtue)
Phronesis (practical wisdom)
Eudaimonia (happiness or
flourishing.)…read more

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Aristotle's definition of `virtue'
Virtue is a state of character concerned
with choice, lying in a mean, i.e. the
mean relative to us, this being determined
by a rational principle, and by that
principle by which the man of practical
wisdom (phronimos) would determine it...
it is a mean between two vices ... excess
and... defect...
There are three kinds of disposition, then,
two of them vices, involving excess and
deficiency respectively, and one a virtue,
i.e. the mean...…read more

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Aristotle: virtue & `the mean'
" everything it is no easy task to
find the middle ... any one can get
angry- that is easy- or give or spend
money; but to do this to the right
person, to the right extent, at the
right time, with the right motive,
and in the right way, that is not for
every one, nor is it easy; wherefore
goodness is both rare and laudable
and noble."…read more

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