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Points, views and quote on Religious and Science in OCR Philosophy, Religious Studies B, GCSE. Hope it helps.

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Religion and Science
Cosmology -theories regarding the origins of the universe
Natural Selection- Survival of the Fittest
Darwinism - theory that all things evolve through mutations
Stewardship - we have the responsibility to care for the Earth
Dominion - we can do whatever we want to the Earth
Sovereignty - having dominion
Heliocentric - around the Sun
Geocentric -around the Earth (supported by Genesis)
Origins of World & Humanity-Christian
1.) "Let there be light" Genesis 1:2
2.) "God separate the light from the darkness- the first day" Genesis 1:4
3.) "Let there be a vault to separate the waters" Genesis 1:6
4.) "And God called the vault sky" Genesis 1:8 SKY, LAND, PLANTS
"Let the dry ground appear" Genesis 1:9
"Let the land produce seed-bearing plants" Genesis 1:11
5.) Birds and Fish, Mammals
6.) Humans
Different Christian Views
Creationists- Genesis Stories are 100% true
Liberalists ­Stories are symbolic of Gods power, not factual
"Science asks How, Religion asks Why" John Polkinghorne
Evolutionary ­ Theistic Evolution- God started it, but there were 2 creations ­Gap Creation
Creationism Humans in second one
Young- Earth ­ Bible is true, Earth is 10,000 years old
"Fossils have been placed on Earth as a test of faith" Phillip Gosse
Day-Age - Each day wasn't really a day
"Biblical stories are in chronological order, but not accurate in time" James Grange
Origins of World & Humanity- Science
Big Bang Theory- Universe was created from a big explosion, millions of years ago
"It is true, because it is supported by lots and lots of evidence" Richard Dawkins
Evolution - everything has evolved through Natural Selection- Darwinsim
"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, but the one which is the most
adaptable to change" Darwin
"God is the terminal illness of reason" Peter Atkins
-God moves people away from the truth (Science)
Purpose of Animals & Humanity

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Stewardship- "take care of the Earth" Genesis 1:9
Responsible stewards of the world, have to take care
God's love is intended "not for human beings, but for all creatures" Andrew Lindzey
Dominion ­ "Rule over the Earth" Genesis 2
Sovereignty ­ we can do whatever
"Animals existed entirely for the benefit of humanity" Augustine
Agape ­ Jesus' love for everything
Operation Noah- teaches to care for the environment ­ against harming animals and the
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