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Philosophy 1: Topic 2 ­ Religious and Spiritual Experience

Prayer: Communication with God
Worship: To honour God, by showing respect and adoration
A Religious Experience: A moment where a person experiences something greater than themselves.

Types of Prayer:
- Confession: saying sorry/asking for forgiveness.
- Adoration: praising & worshipping God.…

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- Increase in faith/hope/trust.
- Helps to focus on their faith.
- Shows thankfulness for their faith.

Public Worship:
- Worshipping/praying in a formal way, usually gathered as a group in a specific place of worship.
- Styles of worship include: liturgical, spiritual, and pulpit-centred.

- Liturgical Worship
- Roman…

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The Eucharist celebrates The Last Supper, for some it is the centre of their worship: a sacrament, a
special way of receiving grace.

Another form of Christian worship is charismatic, where people open themselves to the Holy Spirit
and become inspired by it. This includes `glossolalia' meaning speaking in tongues.…

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- Rosary
- Liturgical Worship
- Focus on life of Jesus
- Church in the shape of a cross
- Decorate
- Focus of mass is the Eucharist
- Strong devotion to Mary
- Transubstantiation

- Orthodox:
- Liturgical Worship
- Stand during mass
- Altar behind iconostasis
- Most…

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- In the past, people needed symbols because they were illiterate; it was dangerous to be a
Christian, and a reminder of beliefs which was encouraging for those being persecuted.

- Now symbols are a part of tradition: remembering the roots of Christianity. They provide
a focus and remind us…


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