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Philosophy 1

Beliefs About Deity

Nature of God

Beliefs about Nature of God:
o Anthropomorphic ­ neither human nor animal
o Omnipotent ­ all powerful
o Omniscient ­ all knowing
o Omnibenevolent ­ all loving
o Omnipresent ­ present everywhere at the same time
o Transcendent ­ above all

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Jesus brought Lazarus back from the dead
Resurrection of Jesus after he was crucified
o Lourdes
Important pilgrimage site for Christians especially Catholics
Virgin Mary appeared to young peasant girl ( Saint Bernadette ) in grotto in 1858
A fountain appeared that is said to have healing properties
5 million…

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o Day of Judgement where body will be resurrected
o Soul doesn't exist :
If the soul is nonphysical , where is it?
If it exists , why haven't we found it?
Can't see it , so how do we know it's there?
Evil people exist
o Soul does exist…

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o It is your life and actions on Earth that determine how you are judged and where you spend eternity in the
o This has an impact on the behaviour of many Christians as they live their lives always aware of the consequences
of the afterlife
o They try…


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