Pevensey Bay SMP

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Pevensey Bay
Location and Background:
The defence area is from Eastbourne in the West, to
Bexhill to the East - This is where the coast is being
controlled and protected.
Pevensey Bay is located on the Sussex coast in the South of
The main village is located 1.6km inland from the coast
It has an area of 17.6km2
Has a population of just over 3,000
The constant erosion of Beachy Head at Eastbourne has
allowed sediment to be deposited and build the beach up.
Nowadays the shingle and sediment is moved around on the beach which has left
problems with the levels and flooding risks.
The Problem:
Beach material is being transported to other areas, including Bexhill. This has led
to uneven levels of sand material on vulnerable areas of the beach, which are
liable to flood
With the area being only level with the sea, this meant action needed to be taken
to protect the surrounding area.
The Management:
The SMP is HOLD THE LINE. A signed contract was made with DEFRA to maintain
the coastal defences until 2025. Some restrictions and agreements were made:
All protection must be environmentally sustainable.
Pevensey Bay was experimented with new coastal protection schemes.
The management methods used and features of the beach:
Beach replenishment and profiling (shown)
Beach recycling
Groyne Replacement
Use of different materials in soft engineering methods
Wooden retaining walls

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