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Perspectives According to Andrew Heywood

Conservatism Liberalism Socialism Anarchism
Ideology Manifestation of the arrogance of Officially sanctioned belief system that claims Body of ideas that conceal the
rationalism. Establish principles and a monopoly of truth and is inherently contradictions of a classless society,
goals that lead to repression repressive promoting…

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Economy Private enterprise but have traditionally Economy as vital part of society and have a Marxism: expressed a preference for Reject any form of economic control or
favoured pragmatic if limited strong preference for a market or capitalist common ownership and absolute social management
intervention, laissez-faire risks social economic order.…

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set of shared values and the bedrock of freedom essential to civil liberty and can only love and compassion, religion may that rob the individual of moral
a common culture be guaranteed by a strict division between nevertheless provide socialism wiyj an autonomy
state and religion ethical basis
Culture Emphasises…


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