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Personality and stress
Type A Type B
Impatient (always in a rush) Not impatient
Aggressive Not aggressive
Competitive Not competitive
Friedman and Rosenman
Studies 3000 working class men in California
All had a health check to check blood pressure etc.
Asked to do a questionnaire to see if they type A or B
Found that 8 years later, type A were two times more likely to die than
type B
This showed that type A people are more likely to cope less well with stress
and hence suffer more from CHD than type B
Found a link between anger and chances of CHD
This supports Friedman and Rosenman's results as it supports the idea that
personality can affect your health
Russek and Zolman
Studied dermatologists and GP's and found that GP's had greater chances of
Since GP's were classified as having a more stressful job, this study shows a
link between stress and CHD supporting Friedman and Rosenman's results
A type A personality may cause release of more stress hormones, leading to a
greater chance of CHD. Another explanation is that personality type is caused by
the amount of hormones released.
Ragland and Brand
Studied original participants 22 years later and found that 15% had dies
from CHD, with there being little difference between type A and B

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This shows that personality may speed up effect of stress which opposes
Friedman and Rosenman's results as no personality type effects CHD
chances more.
Meta analysis of 35 studies and found that the only significant indicator of
stress related illness was hostility (one aspect of type A)
This means that type A may be too general and that being competitive and
impatient doesn't increase chances of CHD, thus opposing Friedman and
Rosenman's results.…read more


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