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Tuesday 15th December 2009 Joshua Elliot Bovill
Personal Statement.
Having thoroughly enjoyed my academic studies at `A' level I have chosen a degree that will
enable me to pursue my interest in construction and agriculture in even greater depth.
Working for a local firm that deals with the sales and distribution of agricultural machinery
components has broadened my knowledge of the subject and it should prove useful during
my degree.
In addition to my lessons and work experience extra reading including books on the history
of the two industries has confirmed my interest in studying my chosen degree.
I have chosen a Construction Management/ International Agriculture degree because it will
enable me to study the application of management processes to construction in more depth.
I am especially interested in the fact that it has practical application as well as a theoretical
Success and interest in my job at Beeversales has confirmed my interest in studying my
chosen degree.
With my practical experience in the agricultural industry and my academic achievements at
`A' level I believe I am well suited to my chosen degree.
Success in my school studies and extra work in the industry has given me a secure academic
foundation with which to approach a degree course with confidence and enthusiasm.
In English Language I learnt how to apply myself to work.
In Philosophy and Ethics I learnt how to debate respectively in large groups.
In Economics I learnt about the current global crisis and how it's affecting business.
Working as a labourer in a busy agricultural firm enabled me to develop a number of
important skills. Working in a small team ensured that I was able to listen carefully to others
and work cooperatively with a variety of different people. In addition, at certain times I had
to work independently which allowed me to use my own initiative. Such skills will prove
extremely useful on my degree.
Being nominated as a tutor group assistant in the sixth form provided me with the
opportunity to represent others in a responsible and fair manner. I had to extend my
communication skills by speaking and listening in a large group. This experience should
enable me to communicate effectively in an academic environment whilst at university.
Extracurricular activities have further developed my skills. Travelling abroad to a variety of
locations including the U.S.A and Poland has broadened my perspective on life. I enjoy
meeting a wide range of people and learning about different cultures and traditions. In
addition, I thoroughly enjoy going to watch sport both locally, seeing teams such as Leeds
Carnegie, as well going to the national stadiums to watch England play Cricket. I intend to
make full use of the sporting facilities at University.
As a regular member of the school Rugby team I am keen to pursue this interest at
University. I played starting second row in the squad that toured the northeast. Team sports
such as Football and Cricket are also particularly enjoyable. I believe that I have developed
a number of abilities through playing sport such as being part of a team, listening and learning
from others and helping others in a supportive way. These have all helped me develop
transferable skills that can be applied to a number of areas such as the management of
My varied interests have broadened my general knowledge, but also allowed me to
cooperate with and learn from a variety of different people, which will be particularly useful
for my course at university.


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