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A bal
right anced die
foods t mea
We n in the ns eat
nts of differ eed a var right
ing th
ced d We a
ent m iety o
i nerals
f f oods
nd io to get
n ts.
quan so need t n s.
relati t i t y. If we o c o ntrol
we do n of the eat too m the
overw then we amount o uch in
relati eight. If can beco f activity
we doon to the we eat to me
unde we can amount o o little in
rweig becom f activ
ht. e ity…read more

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large are the
and r quantitie nutrients
epair s. We we ne
The t . n eed th ed to h
hree em fo ave in
main r ene o
Ca nutrie rgy g ur diet in
nts ar rowth
rbohy e:
quan drate
s thans- should
provi t i t i e
onutr breadde us wit the othe be eaten
, past h ener r macr in gre
Fa a, pot
atoesgy and can onutr a
ts- or ric
macr this shou e. be found iThey
energonutrient ld be the
they'r y but shos in the b smallest p
weigh e easily s uld be e ody. They ercentag
fatty mt gain. T tored in aten in m provide e of
eats a hey can the bod oderati us with
Pr nd fri
be fo
y so l
food. nd in b d to e a
on as
otein utter,
the m s - these
u a oil,
energ scles, th re used
and c y. It also ough the for grow
an be aids m y do p th
found uscle roduc and repa
in eg grow e ir of
gs, ch th (hy some
eese, p
milk ertrophy)
and f
ish.…read more

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our d nutrients
are N iet in sma are the n
OT nu ll qua utrien
Some t r i ents) n t i ties. ( ts we n
note: e
of the watered to have
M main
micro and f in
inera n utrien ib r e
differ l s and v t s a re:
for di e n t vitam i t a m ins- t
f i here
nutrie syste f e r ent th n s a n are m
m i n g d m i n
They a s well a , over rals. E any
s e
veget re main s gener all they ach is g
ables ly fou al hea help i ood
W . n d in fre l th
sh fru and g
m une
ater- it and th.w
liquid preven
ts deh
Fi s and many
bre- t f oods. ion, it's
found his aids in mo
nuts. in foods the dige st
such s
Vi as ce tive system
tamin veget and is
can b D- hel ables
e foun p s the and
Ca d in dai b ody a
lcium r y foods bsorb ca
also b - this k . lcium
e foun eeps and
d in d our bo
airy p nes s
roduc tro
ts. ng and ca
n…read more

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close supply c
you e to exerci an be a p
syste at blood i sing. The roblem if
diver m, but wh s divertedproblem you eat to
with t ted to the en you ex to the d is that wh o
of die
he pr
e work
i ercise igestiv en
For a s s ure. n g b
musc lood is e
n a
wait 2 verage les. It
to 4 h hours be sized me cope
ours t fore e al a p
Undig o f ully d x e rcisin erson sh
i gest a g. It c ould
durin ested foo m eal. a n
lead t g exercis d that re take u
diges o feeling e and caumains in t
requi tion is no nauseous se discomhe stoma
poten red energt complet . Further fort and ch
tial. y to e e we d more,
xerci i
se to on't have tf
our fu he
ll…read more

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need you exe
the b more oxyrcise you
incre lood. You gen whicr working
beingases so m r heart ra h is carri muscles
musc diverted ore bloodte and str ed round
n les. T o
his is from inac is circula ke volumin
called tive ar ting an e
blood eas to d
Vasoc s h untin w o rking
o n
const strictio g .
blood ricted to mn- the bl
const vessels t ake them ood v
rict re hat su essel
pply maller. T s are
Vasod ducin
g blo th his ca
make ilation- t od flo e inactive uses
vesse em big blood h e w t o thes a r e as to
l g v e a
incre s that su er. This essel ar reas.
mean asing blo ply the a causes th dilated t e
nutrie s the musod flow to ctive are e blood o
nts. cles r t a
eceiv hese area to dilate,
e mor s. Thi
e oxy s
gen a
nd…read more


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