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Periglacial Landforms

Stone Polygons

Polygons can form either in
permafrost areas or in areas
that are affected by seasonal
frost. The rocks that make up
these raised stone rings typically
decrease in size with depth.

Stone Stripes

Stripes are lines of stones,
vegetation, and/or soil that typically form
from transitioning…

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gets near the surface. This warps the permafrost around it and can form reticular
ice in the surrounding soil. As the water freezes it expands and exerts pressure on
the cracks, forcing them to widen. The following year the ground cracks again
along the same weak points This process continues…

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age the water was not able to flow through the limestone because it was frozen. But
when the ice melted, the water on the surface of the land carved wide valleys.
Today these valleys don't have any rivers because it sinks through into the
limestone and flows underground in caverns.…


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