Performance Pyramid

Revision notes on the performance pyramid for AS Physical Education, 6 Assignments.

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Performance Pyramid
The performance pyramid is a diagram that represents the level of skill and the
amount of participants taking part at each level of skill.
As shown in the diagram there are 4 stages of progression. The 1st stage is the
lowest stage of ability. This is when people are first introduced into the sport
most commonly through PE lessons. Foundation level is the learning of basic
movement skills. The next level is participation, this is when people take on
sports that they have learned at foundation level into there spare time. Peoples
participation at this stage can be very different. People could play for a club
once a week or people could play football with their friends once a month. But
both of these levels of participation come under the Participation section of the
pyramid. It is only when the players level of skill improves to county level or a well
skilled club level when the player comes under performance level. Performance
level is obtained through regular training, coaching and high level of commitment
at club or regional level. Elite level is when a performer gets to National or
International level. Elite performers receive financial, administrative, medical
and other support.
At the moment in badminton which is my main sport, I feel that I am at the
participation stage because I train twice a week and play for the senior 6th team.
I feel that I will soon be reaching performance level as I'm playing with adults who
have been playing much longer that me and in many cases I can outplay them. I
play a lot less that I used to now that I am studying in college. I am also working
part time so I have a lot less time to play at the local sports centre because of my
time table. Also my friends who also play badminton are also studying at college
and most have part time jobs. So the time that I have free may not necessarily
be the same time that my friends have free, so I am unable to regularly play. I
play for west end park for 2 ½ hours every Monday night and also help teach at
West End Park Juniors for 1 ½ hours on Saturday which helps me improve

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Monday night. I played at 1st team level at
West End Park juniors this time last year but now that I am 16 I play at 6th team
level in the senior league which I am proud of as most people have to wait a few
years after leaving juniors to play in the senior leagues.…read more


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