Perfect by Motion house notes

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Perfect Motion house
Purple and yellow lights used frequently. Intended to
compliment movement. In `Shadows', shadows move on the
screen, with one dancer in front and one behind, and a third
dancer aiming a lantern at them. In `Hands of Time', there is a
`bow tie' lighting shape. Stage Left is brighter than Stage Right
and the screen is lit from behind, showing the giant hand.
Designed by Mark Parry.
In `Overture'... Sped-up everyday footage (traffic, etc) to show
the rushing of time Contrasts to slower, calmer footage (man
on park bench, the beach) to show people taking their time
Moves gradually from morning to evening. In `Hands of Time'...
Giant hand manipulates dancers, hitting/squashing/flicking
them. Designed by Caroline Bridges
In `Hands of Time'... Women in straight/keyhole/high neck black
dresses, to show femininity and accentuate movements, Men
in white linen/cotton shirts and black cotton trousers, to
contrast and show masculinity. In `Overture'... Vanessa in
white cotton tunic and Junior in white shirt and white
trousers, to show purity and innocence and to suggest they
are `spirits' of time, They contrast with Helen, who is in black.
Designed by Claire Armitage
In `Hands of Time'... Lifts on the `ding' of the bellm Fast and
driving (8 beats in bar), to match the athletic movements,
Drops to the floor on the low, punchy, `foghorn' sounds,

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Throughout `Perfect'... Electronic with heavy bass. Composed
by Sophy Smith and Tim Dickinson.
Set Design
Box set, backdrop created with projection/film. Benches on three
sides. Sand on the stage. Screen Upstage, used for projection
and shadows. Paper screen Downstage, used in several ways
(ripped, `planted', etc). Slings hanging from the frame at the
top.…read more


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