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· Describe the difference between sensation and perception using shape constancy, colour
constancy and visual illusions
Sensation is collecting data from the environment via our senses and perception is interpreting that data
once it has been sensed. Visual illusions are the effect of misinterpreting the data. These are the…

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Relative size ­ the object which is above the horizontal line appears to look smaller than the
object which is below the horizontal line.
Superimposition ­ it is when one shape or an object is covering the other shape or object
Texture gradient ­ in a beach where there's sand,…

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three, they should estimate the distance of 15 reallife objects which had a fixed size (such as a milk
bottle and a door), 15 reallife objects which can be in different sizes (e.g. a tree and a teddy bear) and
15 geometric cardboard cutouts. They were given a clipboard and…


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