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People in business…read more

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Stages of Recruitment and
· STEP ONE: Needs Analysis... How an
organisation decides how many and what type of
workers it should employ.
· STEP TWO: Advertising the Post... Needs to
include contact details, qualifications, salary
details, duties etc...
· STEP THREE: Selecting the Applicants...
Finding the best workers by looking at their letter
of application, CV, References, interviews,
Psychometric tests, Presentations, Tests etc...…read more

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Key Terms
· Needs analysis: How an organisation decides
how many and what type of workers it should
· Selection: The process of choosing between
applicants for a job
· Job Description: A document containing the title
of the job, details of who the person is
responsible to and the duties and responsibilities
· Person Specification: A document stating the
qualifications…read more

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More Key Terms
· Internal recruitment: when an organisation
appoints someone it already employs to another
job within the organisation
· External recruitment: when an organisation
appoints someone who is not employed by it
· Recruitment agency: a specialist agency that
carries out all the tasks involved in recruitment
and selection of workers for an organisation…read more

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Why people work
· To meet new people
· So they don't get bored home
· To contribute in life and do good for others
· Gain respect
· For money
There are different things that motivate different
people when working. Managers must be aware
of these so that they know how to motivate their
workers…read more

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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
· Self-fulfilmentto be creativebeing given
more responsibility
· Self-esteemto have statusworker of the
month award
· To be lovedsocial needsworking in a close
· Safetyto feel safeno health and safety risks
· Physiological needsto eathigh enough wage…read more

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This excellent presentation covers all that is required for the People part of the GCSE. The motivation theory may need to covered in more depth elsewhere. Students can adapt the information for their own purposes to increase learning.

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