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Emma Rudd

People and Organisations
Employer-Employee Relations ­ Text Book
An employer-employee relation is a wide-ranging term covering a number of aspects of
the relationship between workers and management. Key elements of this relationship
Negotiations about pay and working conditions
Communication between management and employees
Employee participation in…

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Emma Rudd

Other firms have simply chosen not to recognise trade unions in the hope of being able
to keep wage increases and costs to a minimum without upward pressure of collective
bargaining. Individual bargaining is most common when employees have substantial skill
levels and the ability to negotiate their…

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Emma Rudd

Flexible employees are cheaper Communication is tricky with flexible
because firms avoid many of the costs workforces. More employees,
of full time employment (such as unfamiliar to one another, with
pension contributions). Wages are also different patterns of attendance make
generally lower. This makes the firm it difficult…

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Emma Rudd

through work councils then it is less likely that employees will turn to a union for

Quality Circles / Kaizen
Quality circles are groups of workers who meet regularly to identify methods of
improving all aspects of the quality of their products. They consist of employees from…

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Emma Rudd

preparation to give employees the necessary skills and confidence to enjoy their new
roles. Team working can be best established and encouraged by a democratic form of
leadership, and effective two-way communication.

Advantages of Team Working Disadvantages of Team Working

Team working offers shop floor Team working often…

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Emma Rudd



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