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Business ­ Communication Emma Rudd

Business ­ People and Organisations
Communication ­ Text Book
Theory of Communication
Communication is the transfer of information between people. A transmission mechanism is simply the
means by which one person communicates with another e.g. letter, emails etc.

Communication involves a number of elements;…

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Business ­ Communication Emma Rudd

Effective Communication
Effective communication is an essential element of business success. A survey by the Institute of
Management and UMIST stressed the importance of good quality communications within businesses.
The survey reported that good communication could assist employees of all types within a business.…

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Business ­ Communication Emma Rudd

Mergers and takeovers create larger and more complex businesses, and the need for information will
dramatically increase, but it will become more difficult to meet these needs. Mergers bring together
different communication (and IT) systems at a time when new objectives, leadership styles and…

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Business ­ Communication Emma Rudd

Empowering employees perhaps through the use of team working is unlikely to improve a businesses
performance unless the team members understand precisely what is required of them. Senior managers
will need to make clear the new responsibilities of the teams and the limitations upon…

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Business ­ Communication Emma Rudd

sell their products internationally through a cut costs, the use of communications
website on the Internet. technology could cause them to lose sales.

Issues for Analysis
The quality and extent of communication depends upon a number of factors, such as the
leadership style, the…

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Business ­ Communication Emma Rudd

... Reduced quality products leading to a loss of sales and a bad brand image.

2. Unclear Instructions will lead to ...

... unclear aims & objectives therefore an employee hasn't got a main focus. Because of this...

... motivation might decrease. Resulting in…


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