People and the environment

A presentation our teacher gave us for revision, to do with people and the environment. This is also useful for science even though we studied it for Citizenship. It's about the environment, impacts, how we can make it sustainable through renewable sources. 

Hope it helps :) It's interactive as well.. please rate.. so I can see how useful or not useful it is to you. 

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People and
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Learning objectives
Learning Objectives
· What are local environmental issues?
· How are different people affected by environmental
· Why is it important to protect the environment?
· What action can government take to look after the
environment? What action can we take?
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Sustainable development
Sustainable development can be achieved in the rainforest
by producing goods through constantly reusing the land,
rather than just chopping down all the trees for timber.
This way, future generations, as well as people today, will
continue to benefit from the goods which will still be
Sustainable development is
already happening in many
rainforests, where land is
being used to grow plants for
medicines, rubber, fruits and
chocolate.…read more

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What is the environment?
What do we mean by
`the environment'?
The environment is
everything that surrounds us.
There is often talk about what
impact humans have on the
·Can you think of any examples of the way people affect
the environment?
·Are they positive or negative examples?…read more

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What are local environmental issues?
These are all examples of environmental issues which can
affect local communities.
Local airport given
Motorway extension permission to expand
to go ahead!
Plans to build
Village to house hydroelectric dam
new waste-incinerator!
Can you think of a good and bad effect of each
development on a local area and its people?…read more

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What are the benefits?…read more

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