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flemming discovered penicillin by chance
he found it when he wasn't looking of it
he didn't clean up the petri dishes, so mould grew.


gave us government a reason to fund the development and mass production
Later encoraged British government to fund the development
Us government gave money…

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After Louis Pasteur's and Robert Koch's publications on the germ theory of disease, doctors developed a better
understanding of the cause of infection. However, methods of treatment were still limited to vaccinations and anti-toxins.
Joseph Lister's carbolic spray worked with some success during operations, but was not suitable for everyday…

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Fleming discovered pencillin in 1928 ­ He was studying staphylococci germs and saw that penicillium mould could kill
the germs. He thought that penicillin (a drug made from the penicillium mould) might be a useful cure.

Factors which helped him:

Chance: He left some staphylococci germs in a dish. Penicillium…


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