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CASE STUDY 2: the development
of penicillin
The bacteria around the
Working on finding the Left lid off one of his dishes spore had been killed- could
something to kill the germ and spore of penicillin this spore deal with other
that caused blood poisoning floated in through the bacteria?
Fleming was onto something!
Fleming started to use
Wa However he didn't realise the full
s penicillin to deal with infected
end this th potential of penicillin- he published
cuts and conjunctivitis- it
stor of the e his findings and stopped
seemed to work
y? investigating…read more

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Howard and florey- stage two
the mass production
Realised potential of penicillin after reading
about Fleming's work Gov
the ernme
Factors that helped them: U n
rea S gov t and
lise ern mo
gav d its me ney
e n -
Communication- dol the t poten t
Indiv wouldn't have known lars eam tial
pen t a
flore dual gen about penicillin if ce an
d icill o mas 80 mil nd
y an ius- Scien logy- in s pr
brou d Fleming's work had o es
ght chain techn ial machin ce
team toge not been published tr to
th indus possible
to d of path er a it
is mad e pills ve y
e r
pen c
icillin p and m t produ
ake ly
War- sped up the
Attitudes and beliefs- decision to mass
florey and chain produce , US
believed in penicillin's government wanted
potential as did the more soldiers to
US government survive. Saved 12.5%
more lives because
of it…read more


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