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Physical activity and healthy mind and body

1. What are the differences between somatypes endomorph, ectomorph and mesomorph?
2. What effect does your body classification have on participation in sport? Name specific
sports were your body type can be used to your advantage.
3. Give the full definition…

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Respiratory system

1. Name the eight parts of the respiratory system.
2. Define each part of the RS.
3. Explain what happens to the diaphragm, ribcage and lungs during inspiration and expiration.
4. Name the two key functions of the RS.
5. Define the following; tidal volume and vital capacity.…

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4. Define the terms isotonic and isometric. Give a sporting example for each.
5. Complete the table below

Factor How exercise affects the factor


Muscular strength

Muscular endurance

Tendons and ligaments


6. What does RICE mean?
7. What happens in a tear/pull/strain injury?
8. Name the four factors…

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3. What is a SMART goal? Why are SMART goals used in sport? Define each letter.

4. Fill in the table

Type of training Key points Component of fitness





5. How do you calculate your maximum heart rate?
6. What is your aerobic training zone? Explain…

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2. What are the four stages of the sports participation pyramid? Explain each stage.
3. What are the five roles open to sports persons?
4. What are the ten outcomes of high quality PE and sport?
5. Name the four initiatives to keep young people involved in sport.

Reasons for…


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