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Pathogens Bacteria

Bacteria make up, the basic structure....
1 Slime capsule Capsules can be a source of nutrients and energy to microbes.
2 Cell wall A backbone
3 Cell membrane a selective barrier
4 Cytoplasm include proteins ,vitamins, ions, nucleic acids and amino acids and,
carbohydrates, fatty acid.
5 Plasmids…

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First lines of defence...

Microbes can enter our bodies in many ways and it therefore is vital that we do have some

The first way pathogens can enter is through our skin and eyes however undamaged skin
is a very effective barrier against microbes. If it gets damaged, the…

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Second Lines of Defence...
As said before, as microorganisms enter the body, they release toxins and reproduce
rapidly and unless stopped the victim's health will become severely compromised. this is the job of
the immune system and the white blood cells.

What are they?
The main role of the white…

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break in the skin) and food poisoning (through eating contaminated food). Within Viral diseases
such as, colds and Flu's (carried by droplets in the air) polio (through drinking dirty water) HIV
(when a sharp object makes a break in the skin) hepatitis A (through eating contaminated

Unnatural defences... immunisation!…


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