Past Questions: Elections

Some answered, some not. This is a compilation of all the past paper questions (that were accessible at the time - there may be more now). Good source for practice questions without having to wade through the Edexcel website (which isn't very good...).

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ShortAnswer (15)
Assess the extent to which incumbents have an advantage over
challengers in Congressional elections
House incumbent success rate: >90%
Senate incumbent success rate: >80%
2010 midterms: lowest House incumbent success rate for 30 years ­ 87%
Incomplete plan

Analyse the significance of Midterms
Midterm elections are the…

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Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the Electoral College
The Electoral College system used in the United States is distinctive, and
this system has its strong and weak points.
One strength of the Electoral College (EC) system is that it upholds the
influence of smaller, less populace states ­ such…

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Does public participation in the presidential nomination process advance or
hinder democracy?


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