past paper unit 3 maths edexcel

past paper unit 3 maths edexcel

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Surname Initial(s)
Paper Reference
No. 5 3 8 4H 1 3H
Paper Reference(s)
5384H/13H Examiner's use only
Edexcel GCSE Team Leader's use only
Unit 3 ­ Section A (Non-Calculator)
Higher Tier
Specimen Terminal Paper
Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Materials required for examination Items included with question papers
Ruler graduated in centimetres and Nil
millimetres, protractor, compasses,
pen, HB pencil, eraser.
Tracing paper may be used.
Instructions to Candidates
In the boxes above, write your centre number, candidate number, your surname, initials and signature.
Check that you have the correct question paper.
Answer ALL the questions. Write your answers in the spaces provided in this question paper.
You must NOT write on the formulae page. Anything you write on the formulae page will gain
NO credit.
If you need more space to complete your answer to any question, use additional answer sheets.
Information for Candidates
The marks for individual questions and the parts of questions are shown in round brackets: e.g. (2).
There are 16 questions in this question paper. The total mark for this paper is 60.
There are 16 pages in this question paper. Any blank pages are indicated.
Calculators must not be used.
Advice to Candidates
Show all stages in any calculations.
Work steadily through the paper. Do not spend too long on one question.
If you cannot answer a question, leave it and attempt the next one.
Return at the end to those you have left out.
This publication may be reproduced only in accordance with
Turn over
Edexcel Limited copyright policy.
©2007 Edexcel Limited.
Printer's Log. No.
W850/XXXX/57570 4/2/3/3/3/3/2/2/1/

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Formulae: Higher Tier
You must not write on this formulae page.
Anything you write on this formulae page will gain NO credit.…read more

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Answer ALL SIXTEEN questions.
Write your answers in the spaces provided.
You must write down all stages in your working.
1. Malcolm has half of a tin of blue paint.
Stuart has a third of a tin of yellow paint.
Stuart pours all his paint into Malcolm's tin to make green paint.
What fraction of a tin of paint is now in Malcolm's tin?
................................. Q1
(Total 3 marks)
2.…read more

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3. Here is part of a travel graph of Siân's journey from her house to the shops and back.
Distance 16
in km
from 14
Siân's 12
5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75
Time in minutes
(a) Work out Siân's speed for the first 10 minutes of her journey.
Give your answer in km/h.
....................…read more

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4. ABCD is a parallelogram.
5a + 7
3a ­ 6
The diagram shows the lengths in centimetres of two sides of the parallelogram.
The perimeter of the parallelogram is 58 cm.
Work out the length AB.
................................. cm
(Total 4 marks)
5. A college wants to buy 570 calculators.
They are sold in boxes of 50.
Work out the number of boxes the college should buy.
....................…read more

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6. Rosa makes pizzas.
She uses cheese, topping and dough in the ratios 2 : 3 : 5
Rosa uses 70 grams of dough.
Work out the number of grams of cheese and the number of grams of topping Rosa uses.
Cheese ......................... g
Topping ......................... g Q6
(Total 3 marks)
7. (a) Work out:
Write your answer as a mixed number in its simplest form.
...........................................…read more

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(a) Reflect triangle T in the line x = ­ 1.
(b) Rotate triangle T 90° clockwise using centre (0, 0).
(3) Q8
(Total 5 marks)
9. A straight line is given by the equation y = x+7
Write down the gradient of the line (m) and the y-coordinate of the point where it cuts the
y-axis (c).
m = ....................
c = ....................…read more

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10. Here are the plan and front elevation of a prism.
The front elevation shows the cross section of the prism.
Front Elevation
In the space below, draw a 3-D sketch of the prism.…read more

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11. Derek wants to plant a tree in his rectangular garden.
The tree has to be:
more than 5 metres from the back of the house,
nearer to the left hand fence than the back fence,
less than 8 metres from the back right hand corner of the garden.
On the diagram, shade the region where the tree could be planted.
Use a scale of 1 cm to represent 1 m.…read more

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12. A haulage contractor has two types of lorry.
The type A lorries can carry 50 tonnes and make a profit of £400 each day.
The type B lorries can carry 60 tonnes and make a profit of £750 each day.
The contractor used a type A lorries and b type B lorries on one day.…read more


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