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June 2011:

1 (a) (i) Examine the ways in which the design argument provides evidence for the existence of God.

(ii) Comment on the view that the weaknesses of the design argument show that the universe can
be explained without reference to God. (9)

Jan 2011:

1 (a)…

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(ii) Comment on the view that the strengths and weaknesses are equally balanced. (9)

Problem of Evil and Suffering
June 2011:

2 (a) (i) Examine and show the strengths of two solutions to the problem of suffering. (21)

(ii) Comment on the view that these proposed solutions are failures. (9)…

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2 (a) (i) What are the key features of the problem of suffering? Examine the essential ideas of two
solutions. (21)

(ii) `The problem of suffering is a mystery and cannot be solved.' Comment on this claim. (9)

War and Peace
June 2011:

4 (a) (i) Outline the key ideas…

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(ii) To what extent is it reasonable to claim that there are never good reasons to go to war? (9)


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