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Item A
Currently around one million people attend a Church of England service on
Sundays. However, a recent report for the Bible Society says that in just over
a generation the number of people attending these services will fall to less
than a tenth of what it is now. The report predicts that by 2050 only 87,800
will be attending.
This forecast has been seized upon by secular groups as proof that religious
belief is in decline. However, the Church of England has rejected the figures,
saying that they were incomplete, based only on a snapshot census of church
attendances, and ignored new ways of worshipping outside the church
network. Davie (2007) goes further and argues that religion is not declining but
simply changing to a more privatised form.
0 1 Identify and briefly explain three reasons, apart from lower church
attendance, why the Church of England might be seen to be `in decline',
(Item A, line 7). (9 marks)
0 2 Using material from Item A and elsewhere, assess the view that, while
the Church of England is declining, other religions and spiritual
movements are flourishing. (18 marks)
0 3 Assess the view that, for minority ethnic groups, the practice of
religion and membership of religious groups is mainly a form of cultural
defence. (33marks)


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