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Parts of a Computer…read more

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Computer Systems are made up of many
different parts, for example hardware,
software, processors, memory etc.
· It is important that you have a basic
understanding of some of the main parts of a
computer.…read more

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· Hardware is any physical part of the computer
that you can touch, see and pickup.
· Examples of hardware include the monitor,
keyboard, mouse, disk drives, printer, scanner
and speakers.…read more

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Software are the applications and programming instructions
needed to make the computer hardware do useful work.
Some examples of systems software which tells the computer
what to do:
· Operating System
· Utilities
· User Interface
Some examples of application software which allow you to do
your work:
· Word processors such as Microsoft Word
· Spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel
· Databases such as Microsoft Access…read more

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