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Participant observation

Practical Ethical Theoretical
It allows the researcher to achieve Interpretivism: Sociologists gain a deep
verstehen, by seeing social actors in subjective understanding of their meaning.
their natural environment. It shows the This produces valid, insightful data.
Advantages world from their view and enabled Additionally the flexibility of PO…

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go native and over identify with the the group
group. critiques say this
The longer they spend with the group is unethical.
the more used they will get to them
and are less likely to notice important
behaviour for their research.

Very time consuming and may take They may have…

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2. Many deviant acts do not happen in a predictable way so it will be time consuming waiting
for them to occur. It may also take a long time to gain their trust so they won't necessarily
reveal anything right away.
3. The researcher's background, age, ethnicity, class, gender and…


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