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The Law Making Process Unit

The primary source of law within the United Kingdom is an act of parliament each act
begins life as a bill before going through as specific process before becoming law.


Each political party will outline in its manifesto the bills it intends to…

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The Law Making Process Unit

that became acts are the Abortion Act (1967) and the Murder [Abolition of the
Death Penalty Act] (1965).

Private Bills

Unlike public bills, private bills begin in the House of Lords rather than the House of
Commons and rather than affecting the general public…

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The Law Making Process Unit

progress and be passed on to the house of lords. The only changes that can
be made at this point are grammatical or spelling ones.

House of Lords
The process is repeated by the House of Lords with the main difference that there is…

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The Law Making Process Unit

- The process is slow and time consuming which is not appropriate because
some laws may be needed urgently.
- Royal assent is not given by the monarch meaning it could be open to
exploitation and political bias as the person who actually gives…


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