Parliamentary Controls on Delegated Legislation

A table showing the different Parliamentrary controls on D.L

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Ben Williams ­ Law ­ Delegated Legislation ­ Parliamentary Controls ­ 16.11.10
Controls of Positive Negative
Pass new Upholds democracy Undermines idea of D.L
legislation No expertise
A of Parliament or
Scrutiny Makes sure Only check if meets the
Committee department not too guidelines of the Enabling
powerful ­ lies within Act, nothing else ­ normally
the Enabling Act get ignored
Affirmative Means it is actually Time consuming
Resolution checked Defeats object of DL
Negative Time spared ­ Ones slip through ­ MPs
Resolution passed unless motion don't read every DL
put forward Not enough challenge by
Standing Like mini affirmative Only 17 people
Committee Only uses 17 MPs ­
not too much work
Mean can be
checked clearly
Saves time
Other ways in which it can be checked:
Publication of SI's
Ministers oversee bylaws
Prime Ministers Questions
My top five:
Affirmative procedure
Standing committee
Negative resolution
Pass new legislation
Scrutiny committee


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