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Parliament…read more

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The Main 3 Institutions
1. House of Commons
2. House of Lords
3. The Crown (monarchy)
N.b. The government is not the same
as Parliament
Government formed by the party that
has the largest number of seats in the
commons.…read more

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The House of Commons
The dominant chamber of Parliament as
it is elected
Starts most of the legislation.
Has the ability to veto decisions of the
Lords.…read more

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House of Lords
The inferior or the second chamber as
members are appointed
Can start legislation but generally
amends (changes) legislation of the
Can be vetoed by the Commons. They
can delay for 12 months however…read more

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The Crown
Has a ceremonial role only
Formally enacts (makes law) a bill by
signing it.
Also known as the "Royal Assent".…read more

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