Parental Influences on Gender Studies

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Parent Influence on Gender
Found that parents described baby boys as
"strong" "active" and "well-coordinated"
Rubin et al 1974 Parents described baby girls as "beautiful"
"little" "delicate" and "weak"
Boys' rooms are more likely to be decorated
Pomerlau et al 1990 with cars and blue; Girls' rooms are more likely to
be decorated in pink and floral.
Eccles 1990 Parents encourage sex-typed activities
Asked children aged 9-14 what presents
they wanted and what they got for
Etaugh & Liss 1992 Presents were sex-typed
Related to parental sex-typing
Observed parents' reactions individually
to appropriate and inappropriate
sex-typed behaviour.
Langlois & Downs 1980 Parents rewarded sex-typed behaviour
through punishment e.g. teasing
Parents use reinforcement -SLT
Carried out a meta-analysis on parental
treatment studies carried out in 158
North American, and 17 other Western
Found little evidence for differential
Lytton & Romney 1991 Only significant effect was the
encouragement of sex-typed activity
Large study impressive
No ethical issues
Carried out only in western cultures so
cannot be generalised
Interviewed 27 egalitarian families and
42 traditional families when their children
Fagot et al 1992 were aged 18 months.
Found that parents who show clear
differential reinforcement had children

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