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By : Anita, Didi, Philippa and Seun…read more

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A parasite an animal or plant that lives in or on a
host (another animal or plant); it obtains
nourishment from the host without benefiting or
killing the host.
The parasite is dependent on its host for its life
functions. It has to be in its host to live, grow, and
multiply.…read more

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There are two types of parasites. External and
Internal parasites.
External parasite can move about on the host
and can live in other places, such as the bed,
carpet, river or on different animals.
External parasites have claws or suckers for
clinging onto the host. They often have
sharp mouthparts for sucking blood or
eating skin. They can usually move from
one host to another, laying eggs on each
Internal parasites, stay inside the host and often
move about inside its body. They have
hooks and suckers to attach themselves to a
body organ. They feed on blood, tissue or
the digested food in the intestine of the
host.…read more

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Example of External parasite
Head & pubic louse:
can spend their entire lives on
the host
Found in hair on the body and
have adaptations which enable
them to maintain close contact
with the host
Symptoms includes itching and
scratching of the infected area…read more

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Example of Internal parasite
Found in the digestive
Mostly in stomach and
They can live for up to
20 years…read more

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