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Paradise Lost criticism
Hill: "Milton specifically compared the marriage contract to the political contracts between
King and people"
Turner: his view about women and marriage are very liberal
Empson: `the reason why the poem is so good is that it makes God so bad'
C.S. Lewis: Adam " fell through uxoriousness"
condemned Satan's "egotism"
Bell: Adam and Eve were already flawed
Loewenstein: "Adam and Eve remain unfallen until the fall itself"
Williams: Adam's desire to follow his heart is heroic
Frye: Adam's fall is "surrendering the power to act"
Romantic optimism
Blake: "was of the Devil's party without knowing it"
"without contraries is no progression"
Coleridge: Satan "a singularity of daring, a grandeur of sufferance, and a ruined splendour"
Hazlitt: "Satan is the most heroic subject that was ever chosen for a poem"
"his fortitude was as great as his sufferings"
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: initially good but turns evil when he is rejected by his creator
Percy Shelley: Satan "a moral being...far superior to God"
Lucchese: Satan "tragic hero"
Waldock: Satan "a helpless symbol"

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Dryden play adaptation 1671 Cromwell is Satan trying to overthrow the tyrannical
Eve is the patriarchal ideal of womanhood deprived of freedom and remain obedient to man
McColley: Eve leaving is `to preserve the liberty on which their mutual love depend'
Landy: `Eve should have remained by Adam's side'…read more


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